A great way to show off your hard work is with photos and/or videos.  The world is fast paced and you need to grab the attention of potential customers or clients right away.

With a day job in Supply Chain Management and a background in business I understand the technical aspects of business and  will work with you to apply their principals to portray your goals and vision while gaining new customers or clients.

Business needs come in all shapes and forms. Everything is custom, what ever your budget is we will work together to come up with great content.  The project also doesn't need to be completed all at once; we can create a plan to start with photos and move up to short videos and then up to full case studies.


Below are two sample albums of photos that were taken for a Martial Arts Gym and a Personal Trainer.  Both clients were looking for content for their websites and material for their Social Media.

Martial Arts Gym

Personal Trainer


Below are multiple samples of short 30 second videos that a local Martial Arts Gym as well as a local Realtor had me create.  The Martial Arts Gym was looking for short videos to showcase the different classes that were offered and the Realtor was looking for content to engage with potential clients.

One of the bet way to attract new clients is to product consistent content.  Below are examples from a Martial Arts Gym that I worked with to create weekly content.  The filming took one afternoon and produced enough content for 2 months worth of weekly content.


If a 30 second video isn't enough then a full profile video such as a case study can be created.  These projects require initial pre-planning and a half day to film.  The client is involved in the editing process by selecting desired interview clips and approving of draft versions.

Case Study


Even More Samples!


Need to see even more samples?

Interview Demo Reel